12 October 2011

tao comme des garçons spring 2007

right now, i am feeling a bit down.


for many reasons..i am stressed..for many things.
& when it rain it pours.

but one of the reasons:

i think my cat, Hedi, is mad at me.

do you remember the scene in Kiki's Delivery Service, when Kiki's cat Jiji can't speak to her anymore and starts to only understand cat? they have a brief separation..for unknown reason at the time.

i am Kiki right now.

hedi seems so distant.
i can't describe it, it's just different.
i can't figure out why he seems so empty
and angry

it almost feels like when you live with a boyfriend/lover,
and one night, it just feels different laying next to him at night.


Fashion Forestry said...

Im in love

ntokyot said...

sorry to hear that...

DannyFaria said...

your drawn/illustrations are stunning.. i love it really!! :)