08 August 2011

you know,

i know my mum secretly hates that i went away from my home.
i'm sure all parents hate it at first.

although, she did admit that for people to understand the world and life better they have to experience it first hand. so, staying in a safe place , so called home, is not always the best.

similarly- i think it's nice to have a variety of friends and influences around me.

you kind of ..have to be with different people
to discover different parts of yourself.

i'm grateful to have all sorts of relationshipppppsss around me.

i can't ever be a one dimensional person .. i don't think anyone really is.

sometimes i'm vulnerable
sometimes i'm rebellious
sometimes i'm extremely shy
sometimes mostly introverted
sometimes the bossy serious one
sometimes the delinquent
sometimes too pure

sometimes when i am thinking too much about just wanting to be myself-
i don't know which one to be.
a b c d all of the above none of the above.

so i shake a little
i guess everyone does, in their own way,


phantom; said...

yes yes and yes. all of the above.

my name is izzy said...


Akemi said...

i agree too.

Anonymous said...

hi eri, i love your random thoughts
a little poetic and a lot true