15 July 2011

they are wearing mmmargiela tabi boots

this week has been good energy week.

been around good energy people.

met up old friends.
i feel like it's not quite time to call them "friends from back in college", i nearly just graduated.
although, it has been more than 600 days since then.
and it's really great to see their progress after their struggles.
and their struggles now
and their power to keep making themselves better.

and then i've been around new-er friends, that i've met in the past few months.
i could probably call them "people that i've met in 2011"

or, more like,
"important people that i've met in 2011, that i will probably love to know forever"


i could say they're people of more experience in life.
as professionals as artists in new york.
but as people - human - in general -
and it's comforting to know that they've been in your shoes once
but they still want to continue to climb mountains
just like i am now.
sometimes it is flatlands.
but at the end of the day
i guess..
you create your own mountains.

it just never endddds
and only stops if you just decide to climb back down.
and i think now, there is no top of the mountain
but only a feeling of being there everytime i am climbing higher.

good energy stirs up goodness all around.
and everything seems that much better.
not just for one night..but for consecutive days and nights.


erica Heller said...


Where did you buy your creeper shoes from?




I usually buy them at my favorite shoe store...that stocks all T.U.K and Underground and many george Cox shoes called trash and vaudville on st.marks street in ny! great stock..!