22 July 2011



but in the midst of a chaotic life
or what i call a busy life
it's very serene ..and warm to have one second in the day
to hear someone speak to you
like they've been hearing everything you've been thinking about

the closest relationships are actually furthest away from you
or maybe it's
the most distant relationships are the closest to you
i think it's both
and sustaining both is pretty healthy for me
because i realized that
when it's people are too too close i suffocate
and when they are too far away i lose myself
but i know i need people in my life


Carolyn said...

really beautiful random thought.

instantology said...

hi- ERI! this is instantology. remember?

I've been check out your website n drawings

awesome everything !! hope collaborate wit u someday!!

maybe someday ^_^

anyway. nice to meet u and hope see soon!

keep in contact!!

Bambi said...

you speak my mind.