01 June 2011

east village, ny

so i have amazing friends who are amazingly talented 
and when i sit with people who are patternmakers 
and listen to their stories, i get so excited inside. 
i don't think real life compares to school so much but
when they talk about the creation of clothes
it's like they are speaking a different language- in which, to a certain extent, i can understand.
and then i get depressed as why i didn't have strength to continue that path
because i don't have it.

i guess you can't do everything you want in one life time
even though
i want to be able to do everything     

they give me so much energy.

1 comment:

eric said...

hi eri...just seeing how you are doing. hope all is well..i mos def got sidetracked lookn through your artwork loll. almost like a picture book. well have a good one friend. miss you