14 May 2011

wowsa, my scanner did a horrible job (today i went to use nice scanners at Parsons.....so convinient!!!!!)

the muse is the girl, eriko nakao, on sugarguerilla.blogspot

i like those girls that are typically not pretty
more googley eyed, doll-face but alien face , even more 'weird' looking that 'beautiful'.
abnormally rail limbs, borderline scoliosis, day dream daze & confusion, 
freckles, gap-tooth, unperfect self


Anonymous said...

you're so talented, where do you learn to paint and draw?

and when did you start drawing?

galatea. said...

this is beautiful! is this your work?

i think the most awkward looking girls as well make the most beautiful of them all - like devon aoki xx

CC said...

i love those girls too

Dirty Clothes Pile said...

This is beautiful work! And I agree that awkward can be beautiful.