26 May 2011

they were selling t-shirts with my illustration of the rising sun collection from 2007 on it (in collaboration with http://youraction.jp). ! !! ! !

kobi and atsushi

on sunday, i stopped by the japan block fair in midtown of nyc.  most booths were there to raise money for japan.  

i ran into maggie and takeru (kobi) and we were just in time for atsushi's dance performance.  he's been doing solo performances and had been visiting the cities that have been damaged from the earthquake.  he told me that his body just starts to move when he feels the energy. even if it's without thinking.  i think it's his way of contributing to.. life?  everyone seems to be contributing these days. it's so liberating to me because it really does feel like people become selfless.

kosher hot dog. don't ask.

kobi and maggie, showing their super japanese side

later that night, we all joined together for a dinner at Bread before maggie left for japan, again. 

and surprised her with an early birthday celebration. :-)

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