29 April 2011

went to Michele Bryant's fashion illustration book launch. i never had her as a professor but it's nice to be acknowledged as just a person who sees i have a sort of talent rather than a teacher's personal favorite type...of..thing. she rocks. and you should check her book out. legit- it's actually very helpful and well rounded and diverse for kids and adults and mermaids who want to be able to do this professionally.  fashion illustration can have so many rules and not have any at all.  !!!!!!! 
mine doesn't have any rules.

speaking of no rules..

there was a children's art show in the room next door to the exhibition/launch and every thing was much more exciting than artwork i've seen in the past year. they were all under 13. i wish i took more photos.

imagination. forevaz.


Anonymous said...

Your illustrations are just lovely. They're almost haunting in a way.

What was your experience at Parsons like? I'm going there as a sophomore transfer for Fashion Design. Any advice? :-)

Cory said...

Whoa, congratulations being showcased by her, I really want to check out that book!