18 March 2011

place vendome, paris, 2011

spencer's collection, nyc, 2011

it's been one week already. 

such a weird feeling that i was still in paris one week ago, waking up to twitterfeeds about the news. i'd gone to the showroom and asked a japanese staff, who was leaving to tokyo that day, if she had heard about the news.  nada. .. she had no idea.  

when i travel to paris i am really disconnected from the world, solely because i don't have wi-fi everywhere i go.  and so without those distractions, life can be really serene.  now, for the past week, even though i am able to avoid the news, feeds, constant talk about japan, i can't ignore it.  it feels unreal that one part of the world can be so different than another part. it's like in san francisco, when you're driving on the high-way on those weird half raining half sun out days. one second it's raining and ten feet later it's not.  but more dramatic than that.

can't sleep well lately.
can't handle insensitive people.
which reminds me, can't handle stupid people who celebrate holidays that don't even matter to them. (ST PATRICK'S DAY wth).  i'm mostly talking about those idiots in green hats who were drunk at 10am.

at the same time. 
admire all my peoples and people helping the people in need.

it's actually a bit sad that it's times like this when people start to realize important issues. but then it's also amazing to see real human strength. and heart.

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