28 March 2011

hedi, nyc, 2011

do you ever feel like you are an animal, or were an animal in your past life?

sometimes i feel like cat. maybe not like hedi.
but like many cats,
i'm too selfish at times
too much in need of not public, but personal attention.
too much in need of comfort in covers in even the messiest room
hungry even when fed, because its not the fact there is food in the bowl that is satisfying, but the fact that someone is feeding me
the fact that sleeping next to someone, even with backs turned, is the only comfort wanted
and selfishly will go sit under the bed when alone time calls
selfishly play alone
selfishly sleep alone
selfishly ruin things 
selfishly wait for you
and selfishly die where no one sees them


Jay said...

Wow. I really like how you articulated this post. I feel the same exact way sometimes.

Angela said...

Me too heh. Sometimes I even get mad at my cats for being so selfish, then realize I act just like them.