18 February 2011

jeremy scott fall 2011.

jeremy hair.

so tlc x 90s rave scene.

the spirit of jeremy is so great.
i don't necessarily wear his clothes, although i did have a phase in 2006-7. back then was when i was first exposed to a different world of crazy kids + music + night + "fashions". .. .. .but anyway, it just reminds me of good times in california. all of which has nothing to do with high school by the way.

i've been so busy lately.
but here is the first of the few things i might draw for this ny season..
there are just too many designers..
excess excess excess.

don't even remember the last night i had a real good relax rest.
i mean..i think i just need to rest my mind.

but many happy things are happening lately.

and it's basically spring.


bravegrrl said...

freakN amazing drawing

wendayfang said...
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wendayfang said...

this is actually amazing!!!
check out my blog??

S.Zhou said...

Hi Eri,
this is an awkward place to leave this type of msg, but...
I'm currently a soph at Parsons and saw your illustration in a book published by a professor there. Just wanted to let you know that I'm a huge fan. (& I'm very excited I found your blog!!! wooo!!)


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!