08 February 2011

comme des garçons homme plus fall 2011

that's a sketch i did while waiting in le showroom. this is look 6 ..because i die for this outfit.

and of course i die for the dreadlock/homeless wig. julien dy's...ughhhhhh

(and i guess i should credit sketch on the left by a french model boy who wanted to draw me a Geisha. how cute. but do Geisha's look that mad?)

1 comment:

Brandon said...

Two things:

1. That whole collection is 100% me!

2. I had a dream on friday night that the model of that look Andre Pejic, beat me up. Fucking weird shit. Oh and last night I had a dream I was having tea with Rei and Adrian and you were there but we were having difficulty sitting down because our drop crotch trousers wouldn't let us bend our legs properly... I'm going to stop right about now :/