23 December 2010

next year is the year of the rabbit
it's 'my' year. i don't know what that exactly means except i'm going to be twenty four. that's a large number. two dozen. hours in a day. it's a number that's divisible by too many numbers. i thought it could mean that it'll be a year of luck and good things, but my coworker said it means it's going to be a tough year and it's the , errr, cosmic powers / higher beings testing me. i'm completely superstitous in every way possible. but. i don't need a tough-er year. i just need some incredible pace and energy, like the rainbow star in mario cart status. you know when you've been through some horrible emotional trauma, and it got so bad that it got to the point where it made you ..not back to who you were before, but even more blank than ever before? it's like when you use mr clean on an ikea furniture that's been laquered to shiny, and it becomes matte after. i've become incredibly matte this year. i need some paint. and glitter. and rust. and dust. and some dents. again. it was better that way.

i only bought these flowers because they were pretty and they don't have peonies in season. it's not a funeral.

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mon oeil! said...

hi. your drawings are awesome. clean lines.