08 November 2010

a little project i am doing.

soon i will have too many drawings..i may have to sell them one by one so i can buy new shoes


wekilledCOUTURE. said...

My god these are beautiful!
I would buy one eri!

Anonymous said...

i'd buy one if i had paypal!
your drawings are always divine!!

ALANNAH said...

I would love to buy one of your drawings!!!

Fiona said...

me too! i would love to buy your drawings, your works are hauntingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

yes please!

Suzanne said...

Hi! my name is Suzanne and i'm currently studying Fashion&branding in Amsterdam. You might be interested in a challenge that I'm starting tomorrow:


It's a project where around 20 people from all around the globe who are directly linked with fashion, stop buying clothing & accessories (so also no underwear & socks) for a year!! You can follow our ups and downs as we have different assignments throughout the year as well,

well I hope you find it interesting! For more info check the website


Miya said...

I think you should compile them and have it published ...they are all so beautiful and such a nice collection of truly unique art...I love every drawing you have ever shared with us...I would want to have them all!