22 November 2010

i did it. the wait for h&m x LANVIN after a long day/night with rui, wataru, & aki. i realized after waiting from 6am that as much as i love alber elbaz, i couldn't bring myself to invest in the ochre one shoulder dress. this is me being 'good'. actually, i'm trying to do this thing called saving money. actually, i need to save money so i can buy some tao scarves because i think that will be worth the cccccold days that are creeping up. actually, at the end of the day, i am still spending money on clothes because .. i'm addicted. so what.

today was a very fickle day. it's a miracle/scary how one day it could be ice age autumn, and the next day it is 'here comes the sun' (and it's almost december). this multiple personality weather cycle never used to happen.


Sasha Fay said...

That weather cycle is happening here in Philly too. It scares the shit out of me.

Sasha Fay

J.M. said...

Hi Eri,
I have enjoyed reading your blog for months now. I am a college student, and Moleskine user as well. For an English class, I have to make a presentation (and write a lengthy paper) about a subculture that I fit into. I've chosen journaling. I'm narrowing my focus to Moleskine journals. I believe that people who Moleskine's are particular about the ritual and importance of journaling. I was wondering if you would be involved in my project, and just answer a few questions for me about how jounraling has affected your life?

If you are interested, e-mail me here: thepenspoint@yahoo.com


Crystal said...

Wow, bravo. I couldn't bring myself to go through the wait. Mostly because I would have had to get into London and then get back for class later in the afternoon. Awesome pics!

Miya said...

OMG The fuzziness of your coat!!!!!! XD *dies*