11 October 2010

walking is not so torturous in Paris.
so much open space to breathe and it's very nice that you can breath so much as you walk and feel good energy

i think in every city you go to, the view from the car seat on a highway has a very similar feeling.
but walking is so different
not just because of scenery but because perspective of space..
i could never walk 5 blocks worth of distance of new york or paris in california. i don't know why.


remo, aaron, & anita, wearing messages from cdg

'my energy comes from freedom'

'live free with strong will'

'my energy comes from freedom and a rebellious spirit'

i mean.........

they're cute


NUMBER 3 said...

super cute!

grace said...

I definitely agree that sitting in a car seat on a highway always feels the same no matter what country you're in.. same too for train-windows and bus-seats.. something to do with transport maybe?! ps. you said, someone else said, I'll say it again. cute.