30 October 2010

1. The secret to getting old

“Realising that there’s no difference between being a young guy, being a baby – you’re still learning the game. I don’t feel any different now than I did when I was 20. I mean, I realise that there are certain limitations, that I know a lot more, but – hey, the next day is still just the next day. It don’t matter how old you are.”

AnOtherMag by Mario Sorrenti

old people have been my latest inspiration as of late.
i, for one, am personally scared to grow old but i also think it's so beautiful (i very much want ryuichi sakamoto / kiki smith hair when i'm older..)

especially when you physically and by time are.."old" , accepting age looks hard to do.
but just like Keith says here..only time has passed and inside you can purely be young forever. you just know more. and i want to do many things, so i can understand more things.

kind of off topic but

this guy came into the store today, and he comes in from time to time so i go on to chat. i actually think he is a professor at NYU. he has lived in NY for a while, it seems. and he told me about how he came back from a trip from the tropical islands. he observed many things, and how clothes are completely irrelevant here, especially things like CdG. when i hear things like that i feel like a douchebag wearing something that is worth more than half of my rent. but anyway- he continues to tell me about the how he breathed in sun, eat good raw foods, and help children with homework. he mostly emphasized that the kids and babies were so happy . the young ones there had nothing to complain about. and sometimes i think in busy new york life, you get extremely caught up in this world and everyone is always looking for satisfaction of some sort. but time only passes and by the time you wake up , you might be 50 years old and still not found anything but all this work you done. i thought , then, that maybe i want to just live on an island with sun (that makes me really happy) and not have planners and iphone. i think maybe i can adapt to it. but maybe i'm too afraid.

anyway. this guy. he is quite old, like i said. but i think it was really awesome because he talked about this like he still wants to have a nice adventure , but peaceful. i think if i age alot more than i think i will, i want to age like Keith, or this guy. sometimes i feel like they have more energy than me. whats wrong with young people these days. we are like opposite and we are so old and grumpy.


hannah said...

i must go to these tropical islands.

Anonymous said...

you're right, you should invest some more time into helping others and children's laughter and maybe tropical islands that dont require couture. if there were ever an industry that we could do without, it would be fashion.

Anonymous said...

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