21 September 2010

my sister visited me last week. actually it was already 20 days ago (fuck, time flies)

it was the most effort i have put into showing people around ny. i am probably the most horrible host because i hate doing things that involve tourism, and high traffic places (times square , shiver down my spine)

but i will admit it was kind of refreshing to do somethings i don't normally do. like, to actually go to the roof of rockafeller center? yeah, i bet you 80% of new yorkers have not done that. even empire state building! i have done both , booyah. (i say it like it's as if i climbed mount everest.. ) anyway when i was on the roof top actually looking at manhattan and empire state building, and etcetc i thought like "dang i really do live here. this is my 6th year here.." and maybe i feel comfortable in this chaotic place. i think lately i don't want to go back to california. for a long time. actually when i think about california i get really anxious and depressed. it is a veryweirdfeeling let's not talk about this anylonger

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V. said...

I have a friend from the US coming to stay with me from today on. I know I'm a bad host, because I'd rather cuddle at home, and do nothing. But having guests over makes it obligatory to exactly not do that!

I hope I will feel the same about my soon new home as you feel about NY now. There's still some time for me to even move there, but I am excited, and want it to be a new life I feel comfortable in.