29 July 2010

I had a dream that the world was about to end, and people were to survive under umbrellas. some people were already on the path to giving up and they would just lay on the grass with their jacket over their body and face and pretend they are sleeping and hoping not to wake up. and then there were many people fighting over umbrellas. and then you see some people handing out umbrellas. and sharing umbrellas. i was able to find umbrellas (one black, two that were miumiu print) and was going to bring them back for the group of friends i happen to be with. On the way I had given two away to people with desparate eyes. strangers. I had kept the black one close to me. I remember I was looking for someone specifically and I kept walking past him not knowing he was laying down already. I never found him and I eventually ended up losing that umbrella. Or it dissappeared.


Jade said...

that is wierd, and a little frightening..lol

ntokyot said...

somehow your dreams sound very profound lol i wish i'd dream something like this

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of the story about the umbrella of grace?

We see ourselves and each other with filthiness and sin in our lives. Some chosen people are handed umbrellas. This umbrella is grace given through Christ's sacrifice, not by anything we did or deserved. But when God looks down at us from above, now all he sees is the umbrella and sees us as pure, no longer filthy--allowing us to enter the heavenly kingdom prepared for us when the world ends. This is the effect of the atonement.. just think about it.

BTW, those pictures of clouds you posted are so inspiring, beautiful and leaves me in awe. Could they have formed "explosions" and "parades" just randomly? :)

You be the judge.
Just want to say, I think you are an amazing artist with a deep, yearning spirit that inspires others.