26 July 2010

so many things i have to constantly remind myself lately

do laundry clean me room have to get kitty litter have to also get kitty food oh shoot i also have to get fabric softener or else i cant finish my laundry and i wont be able to wear the black socks with ruffles but wait did i even put those socks in the wash yet i think they may still be in my backpack from the gym oh shoot i still have to go make time to run today but i cant because i was going to meet # for coffee maybe i can go later but i need at least a 2 hour bulk of my time wait that reminds me i should probably get some more shampoo but i should probably shower now and shave my legs before i go get some coffee but wait first i stil have to go buy all that stuff i said i was going to buy i guess i have to do groceries tomorrow instead i still wanted to finish the drawings i was thikning of yesterday before i fell asleep i also want to design a whole collection based on (secret) for tao because i think she would be totally interested since she'd probably never even think twice of using that as an inspiration but it would be so damn good! but i forgot i still need to take apart than panel in the vintage dress for p's video oh shoot the shoot is pretty soon maybe i need to really start on the muslin for the dress what kind of dress should i do i still cant decide man i still want to make that one shirtdress and call jen so she can shoot it .. i cant believe it's already past midnight i guess i can't finish my laundry tonight because i still don't have fabric softener and if i continue the laundry the power might go off since i'm using the a/c computer keyboard night-light and printer. wait , maybe i should turn the printer off and the keyboard im going to try to sleep now because i keep forgetting that i am lacking in sleep and i am always tired the bags under my eyes will never dissappear at this rate i hope i still have enough concealer oh and i have to buy vanessa some bahn mi before going to work tomorrow god, i really hope it doesn't rain tomorrow oh it's a fullmoon tonight, the sky is really bright maybe i can sleep with the lights off tonight oh who am i kidding the most important things i have to remember and keep reminding myself is i have to keep working hard know why im doing what im doing and believe in myself and why i am in rk's army goodnight i will be happi and im going to fly

foto credit by crystal gwyn for L magazine


Léonie Mizée said...

That's exactly how I always feel! I think you should get the most important things done first and don't block your creativity. Just skip laundry for a few days and reinvent the things at the back of your closet. Once your having more time left, maybe next week just plan one day to do all the laundry and clean your house. If you're not having any guests over nobody will care your house looks like a total mess ;)

All the best!
x Leonie

Léonie Mizée said...

PS: don't forget to feed kitty ;)

queengilda said...

dude!!! AHAHAHAHAH! i think you are already high on too much coffee man!!

Alex said...

you look fucking amazing.