06 July 2010

6/30-7/4 various events & fotos

view from store. parading clouds.

view from store

@ the piers with s, d, & a.

@ tokio's backyard. zon, atsuki, & kana

lost shoes?





went on top of atsuki and his friend's studio rooftop. very. large. space. the whole sky was mine.minemine!

atsuki, he only looks mean. he's not.


Anonymous said...

hi, may i know what kind of camera you are using?

The chapel said...

Nice pics, great atmosphere with the sky !

Sara said...

Your photos capture and convey the mood of the sky and view so beautifully. Thanks for letting me enjoy a bit of New York a million miles away here in Japan.

Rubbish Rebellion said...

Hi Eri I've been following your blog for a long time now. I love your photos and sketches.
My name is Ade i'm an artist living in Long Beach. I was wondering if it was okay if I used your image of your friends on the roof for a huge painting i'm working on for a show.
Let me know!