25 June 2010

this is what i did at work today while packing a shipment. blooming tissue paper is better than folded right?

and then i stood outside a lot because it was windy and less humid today.

and then..@ 600pm , i swear there is no photoshop invovled.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know I'm a stranger
but I love your blog
^ ^

coin-operated ninja said...

i am in love with your shoes!! are those CdG?

the madman beneath the bed said...

tissue's gorgeous!
i hope this doesnt creep you out or anything, and its probably the most boring thing to say (albeit the fact that its true), but you really are terribly interesting
and sky watching tendencies are swell!

Crystal said...

I love how rays of light look through clouds. It's weird how cliche they end up whenever people try to paint them.

I really need a pair of creepers. Yours are awesome.

Pennerad said...

sweet blooms.