11 June 2010

memories of matsuko

"memories of matsuko" also called "kiraware matsuko no issho" directed by tetsuya nakashima. nakashima also directed the more popular "kamikaze girls". love this film so much! ! ! ! i can almost cry watching this but nakashima's style keeps me from doing so..no matter how deepheavy the matter is , he makes things so animated and comical. i really hate it when i get so attached to characters in film and books.. and then the worst happens to them. i guess it's a measure on how succesful the film is. mmm.. this girl, matsuko,..probably a lot of people can relate to her. she just didn't want to be alone.


Anonymous said...

this is sooooooooo weird that you just posted this. SO WEIRD. odd enough that I check your blog on a regular basis, but I JUST WATCHED THIS MOVIE LAST NIGHT, and Kamikaze girls two night ago. I swear, so strange. The movie really affected me too. I couldn't sleep. I thought all night about how I wanted to get up and blog about how it made me feel. Then I open you blog at 8 am this morning and see you've posted about it too! weird. Anyway, I love your blog. You've inspired a couple of my own posts:)

Situationista said...
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