23 May 2010

take notes...these are good

Q (Todd Selby):
"what is your advice for the young generation of clothing designers?"

A: (T.Hirakawa):
1- with heart
2- "may i help you?"
3- good brave
4- good balance
5- good concepts
6- good courage

i first encountered T.Hirakawa in Paris at the show + showrooms.. and i had always idolized his style and his energy i saw in fotos of him. then, when i saw him in real life i fell in deeper love because he was very different from many older..well many people in general. such a big smile everytime with his hair , cane, and wonderful printed ensembles. i like it when you can tell that someone is serious about their work-...but at the same time have good human heart inside it all. my dream is to someday have a convo with him and talk about things not related to fashion.

this is a foto taken by rei shito, fashion street photographer. (like, seriously, how awsome is he)

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