16 May 2010

so, like many asian kids, i grew up taking piano lessons. after 8 years or so i had to quit..but whenever i had extreme stress-anger i played the piano at home with whatever skill i had acquired. growing up i wasn't too fond of the classical's i.e. debussy, chopin and the likes. every recital i had to choose one of those..and yes, of course i played the fur elise one year. i've got to say that my favorite ever was when my dad told me he'd like me to play this one piece for him ("for his christmas gift") by ryuichi sakamoto (genius genius genius) called 'merry christmas mr. lawrence'. i had to persuade my teacher to let me play this in the recital, and i did. i remember the recital so clearly, the stage, what i wore, the crowd, how i had to warm up my hands in hot water right before playing the piece, and i remember my mum and dad.

i don't know why i'm talking about this, but i really like having memories with music. music is incredibly emotional to begin with and i love that it brings back moments that've been buried up for awhile. i think it's just so weird how your brain likes to pick and choose what to remember and what to throw away.

bibo no aozora. have playing this one everyday lately. sometimes on repeat. it's so incredibly depressing. but beautiful. i'd like CdG to use this in their show... it's so heavy. i feel like i'm in darkness. i feel like i'm watching people. i feel like i've lost things. i feel like i've moved away. i feel like i am staring at the sky for hours and i'm lost. and i feel like i know nobody and nobody knows me.. when i hear this.


kiosklove said...

music = time travel

Pennerad said...

oh my goodness...this freaking song.
i think i love you.
yeah, that was creepy, but it's such an incredibly moving song. i get just what you mean about staring at the sky for hours. i did that yesterday. pretty sure that bugs crawled in my hair. but this song would've made it such a fulfilling experience.