28 April 2010

totally didn't publicize my McQueen tribute post, because i was in shock for a good while.

anyway- here is one of my drawlings from his fall 2008 collection.

(you still live on)


bravegrrl said...

this is gorgeous.

cinderella patch said...

I happened upon your Alexander McQueen illustration on pinterest and
on www.iiiinspired.blogspot.com.... I am so glad I pursued it. I love your illustrations. I haven't had time to peruse your drawings yet but I can't wait... I am A Mats Gustafson girl- love his stuff and yours is equally as interesting and mysterious.
Also wanted to let you know I used your illustration on my post today and it links back to your blog... you have a new follower.

cinderella patch said...

I figured out what is so appealing to me. It's the combination gamine and Scheile quality you infuse into your drawings. One day I hope to buy and original!!