14 April 2010

so bad it's GOODDDDDDDDD

i was going thru my fashion illustration portfolio from my school days (i say it like i've been out of school forever), and these were in there. i think in every collection i did for concepts class, i had something that was taken from school uniforms. i cannot get over gakuran's, which are boy's traditional (pre-blazers) uniform in japan. i did a post a while back ( http://erithemermaid.blogspot.com/2009/07/crows.html) on the film crows zero/crows zero 2/gakuran uniform, & i'm still going gagaaaaa- it's completely badass and i'm completely obsessed.


kelly said...

i went to look at the old post. amaziing and i totally agree! :D

Six Six Sick said...

Such gorgeous illustrations!


Matthew said...

I would love to wear an Eri orignal one day.

A boy can dream.


coin-operated ninja said...


End of discussion.