07 April 2010

i feel half dead

tao cdg fall 2010

very tired today, and yesterday. and the day before. and the past week. horrible sleeping schedule is happening again.

i mean, for awhile, i was actually being a human being and sleeping at reasonable hours because a thing called work makes you want to actually sleep before midnight. lately, i've been waking up from these ongoing dreams about a person(s). it's completely driving me insane because it's something i'd like to avoid thinking about at all costs when i'm concious, yet it's haunting me while i am trying to get my 6 hours of sleep!! i wake up breathing hard, confused, crying, and/or feeling absolutely horrible.

help me sleep.


Anonymous said...

Drink warm milk with honey. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

listen to the words, then do the opposite.


Mood de Luna said...

love all of your illustrations and decided to make a post about it !! Luna xxx