16 December 2009


morning sky

you know , this is weirdly satisfying. i've been working at the school lab almost everynight.

the security at school who now recognizes me by face said "go home" to me.

a random student here who i run into from time to time thinks i'm crazy, but also tells me good luck.

being mia from everyone's life.

not knowing what is actually going on in the real world

and my friends who are pulling the last few all nighters for finals this week think i'm addicted to working all night long.

i could do this for a long time, i think. seeing the sun rise isn't all so bad. i'd like to sleep, but i can do that another time. but i actually am not even craving to sleep in my room, or watch random things on youtube or going out at night. this is the only thing i want to do.

weirdest escapismismism.

i think it's a weird feeling to do something that makes you feel like a zombie.

so zombie status right now that i actually cut myself in the left finger this morning. (yeah..it still hurts)


Tiff Chang said...


Alley Cat said...

must try to sleep more :/

Anonymous said...

stay away from wikipedia =(

Mary Standish said...

Keep it up, some of the most excellent ideas come through the midst of zombie stat.

Karolina said...

I hope it'll pass, once I almost didn't sleep for a whole month ( about 3 hrs per night). but try to sleep more you must be exhausted..

Enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Très bonnes idées et tes photos sont magnifiques bravo