29 November 2009

so many things between the head in my sky. 

i mean.. my head and the sky.

in such a weird-dilemma-scary-confusing-crisis-blind-doubtingmyself-2%excited-mode.

but i do think/know that it is dangerous when i am getting too comfortable. 
i just wish that sometimes i will be okay with the way things are,
but instead i am like    wanting to move constantly

it's just how i fidget in the movie theatre every 5 minutes. can't fucking sit still. but i want to just be comfortable. the second i am...bye


Anonymous said...

love those photos! <3

Alley Cat said...

very deep Eri

coin-operated ninja said...

"the heart wants what the heart wants" - so true!

chippendales said...

Ces photos sont superbes vraiment