03 August 2009


steph and jason look good in all white. i don't think tiff and i will ever make it.

yesterday night, junya, said he'd take on the challenge to untangle my three dreadlockettes. he spent 3 hours at mcdonalds, and voila. it was a very interesting experience, he says.

then a few boys from pranna, a new restaurant, came by in mcdonalds and wanted junya to give them a haircut. at union square. i think this was funny.

do you guys still remember that i draw for a second living? i'd like to become full time, but it's kind of impossible.

it's finally august. weird. it's still raining. it's still not 100 degrees. but it's still humid, sometimes. everybody's going on vaca soon and i'm not! poutpoutpout

other things in my life include:
-i am still not rich
-i still want everything in both of the stores i work at, daily
-i am still a grandma
-my wishlist has things other than clothes. 1, a keyboard. 2, a cavalier king chalers spaniel puppy. 3, a new but old dresser. 4, chalk paint & chalk. 5, some morrocan leather pillows.

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