27 August 2009

"New York, New York. Big city of dreams, but everything in New York, ain't what it seems to be" - grandmaster flash.

I took that quote from the nytimes article they had written about DJ AM and I'm quite obsessed with it (also on my fb/twitter). The loss is really tragic. I personally didn't know him, but many of my friends who DJ and are amongst the crowd were really close to him. Almost sounds silly but all the twitter messages I've read really get to me for some reason, and makes me realize how precious your close friends are! When I spent my summer in l.a. almost 2 years ago, I remember Jen & I would always dance infront of the dj booth and seriously have the best time of our lives! Won't ever forget those crazy nights! Thanks for the amazing times , AM.

& it's about time people lay off the drugs.


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