21 June 2009

other hair

i just watched this documentary on katsuya kamo さん online. he's very talented at what he does, and despite the fact that he is surrounded by high fashion, he cares very little about expensive things. i like the way he thinks. i know many people that can't wear vintage clothes, and i think it's such a shame! lots of people also are not into antiques and old trinkets and things.. and they love bang and olufsen and things. he straight up walks into junya's office in thrift clothes -just the way he like it. no reason to dress up fancy and be you.

i think kamo さん makes me dream about hair. maybe i love hair because it reminds me of my mum doing my hair when i was young. but only when i was young. & and then she couldn't braid my hair anymore..but that's another story.

i am also very interested in Julien d'ys. i still have yet to see his creations at the met! his stuff was really neat at anglomania... mmm.

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yui said...

yeahhh i like kamo katsuya