25 May 2009

somehow, we made it out alive

i graduated parsons fashion department, which means i went to boot camp, went to war, and came back in one piece. the graduation was short and sweet, and i was thankful i got to wear junya watanabe over a disgusting red-orange-maroon cap and gown. that color really doesn't do anyone any favors. after, we went to Saks Fifth Ave for a cocktail party and enjoyed my name + clothes being displayed. it's kind of surreal. my mum was really cute, she didn't know what to wear. in the end she wore pink white and black to match my collec. and i think she is the only one in the family who can pull off issey miyake pleats please pants. srsly.

there is Napoleon, standing on a really nice looking table with amazing chandelier display. thank you Swarovski!

"dad, it's a cocktail party. what are you wearing?".
"jeans? (the levi 505 originals he's been buying for the past 10-20 years)"
"yah. it's fashion"



Alexander Ho said...

your clothes are gorgeous--such an inspiration; such an amazing talent. i've kept your blog in my subscriptions and continue to look at your posts.

CL said...

you're mega talented! your name will be big :]

Matthew said...

Haha, your padre is genius.

Didn't Horyn say not to use genius?

He's gold, your dad.


Congrats on your successful completion of boot camp!

rebelle zine said...

thats amazing.....
well i bet we will be seeing you on style.com sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Huge congrats. Love the flower in your hair. <3

Amy + Dianne said...

i love your blog and your work!

i'm going into fashion next year.
your past few posts were very inspirational
gave me goosebumps.

congrats on finishing and finishing strong.
your collection looks amazing!


miki said...

eri omedetou!! :D
woww amazing work. ganbatte!!