30 April 2009

"maybe the rest of the world will catch up to you"

andre leon talley

francisco costa

cathy horyn ( ilove you)

warning: this is not a sober post

from tongiht:
advice from cathy horyn:

1 avoid using the word 'genius'
2 i only need my own plain intelligence. don't follow others. if i do, i'm only wasting that time in improving myself.
3. we only need passion. we may not find jobs but we are to use that time to perfect our skills. then when the time is right, we will shine more than ever!
4 if youre not looking , you;re not seeing. even if its on the streests.

i am really proud of clas sof 2009 fashion students. each and everyone of us. we did the impossible, seriously
the gala was amazing.
it was so inspiring. my four years was sumemd up to tonight, and it really showed how hard these four years have been. i'm srry but the other majors and branches under new school have nothing on us.

i will never work as hard as i did in my last four years. it feels so good right now.



pink horrorshow said...

So all the fashion kids got to go? It's cool to see how involved Parsons actually is with the fashion industry! There's one girl who I won't name who will NOT stop linking these articles and PMC photos on facebook hahaha..whore.

Dude I want spicy tuna rice.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

:-)) hard and smart work pays off

Matthew said...

Eri, congratulations! I love Cathy. She's genius (I'm kid, sort of, I mean the word usage, haha). Kudos to years of hard work well done! My sister graduates as well come Sunday, then she's off for law school. Hope all you post-bacc endeavors are rewarding!