20 April 2009

besides school

thesis presentations are over! i will elaborate later on this, but it was just madness!! but it all happened so fast...but slow. i dont know. i miss it already.
it feels like i have just come back from war, although i don't really know what that truly feels like. this year's been like i've been put into this insane world and programmed, or rather trained to live this certain way, and now i don't know how to really be real life human. it's been kind of hard to act normal- even though i've never been normal. hah ha... the sun is making me happy but i really do feel like i need to go to rehab.

other than thesis, i still have one more big project due this week. i have to crystalize 1000+ swarovski's on a garment that's not made yet. so wish me luck.

also herve leger was nice enough to have me back this year.

i know, so not my steez. but it's good to be in a different mood sometimes.



Sarah A. said...

Good luck! Cant wait to hear about the show.

Also: Miss yehhh

lulu said...

It's good to play, have fun. Send me thesis picccs.

La Chauve-Souris said...

are u making those drawing? amazing

good night
the bat