09 April 2009

at the end of the day, it's just clothes.

val in my white denim half trench, drop crotch and pink thing that can be worn as anything.

i cannot wait to put my lookbook together. vance val frances and alex are the best. thanks for an amazing shoot!

Dear Eri,
Here is your horoscope for
Friday, April 10:
Take all the time you think you need to make your decision today -- it's a big one! You may be thinking about a move or a step on the career path that feels awkward, but it should be clear once you see more.

should i sleep or clean my room.

sleep. (FINALLY!!!)

so this week was insanity to the maximum. i just turned in my thesis but i'm on delirious auto-pilot and i feel like i should be sewing or something. it looks like a hurricane hit my room. amd i kept bumping into people today and they thought i was drunk. no, i'm actually sleep deprived. what's new. anyhow- i'm about to nap. my bed hasn't been in use for awhile..so i think it deserves a little hug.


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Anonymous said...

god DAMN you got the eye..