09 December 2008

i will do anything to just feel better.

i'm going to sell some t-shirt prints of 'isabelle' (pictured here) and a few other versions.. i will post another day.

my hair is inspired by alice dellal. when i told people what they would think if i shaved one side of my head they looked at me like i was britney going bald. yoko hair is good, but i think i could use some alice hair too.

which reminds me.
come to this!



sara said...

I'm thinkig of shaving side of my hair too!
The only thing concerning me is the immense amount of comments like "what did you do?"
And my head getting cold.....I think I'll go for it tho

lulu said...

Hello you are amazing. So talented lil'. Where 2 cop shirt?

Matthew said...

I love Isabelle.

Vanya said...

are you in nyc? have u heard of "Slava's Snow Show" do you want to see it?
i think youll like it. im vanya polunin on facebook