26 December 2008


due to recession i tried to not shop as much this year.

but i can't help myself when i run into some shoes i really need. it's okay though, i always tell myself that i wear my shoes out until they cannot be re-heeled any longer. i've had these pair of frye boots for four years now, been repaird four times. i can't bring myself to buying new ones! so i'm good about that.
although lately, i feel silly wearing my doc martens out because i feel trendy. poor doc martens. two days ago i saw some doc marten knock offs at targe't. whaaat?

so, say hi to my newest babies. i am inches taller in these and feel like Noodle from the Gorillaz.



Pammy said...


the way you feel about docs I feel about fur. I love the look of it, but now every other girl in Brooklyn is walking around with flesh scarves. The most surreal experience I had was eating at a diner when this ASPCA truck pulls up and all these girls in fur descend on the truck and start petting the kittens.

nadine. said...

i love creepers, i am wearing mine for 5 years now ♥