25 November 2008

'it's hard to tell where reality ends, and illusions begins. they blend- then they separate"

-lind goodman

(i actually found that via mk's questionare in her and ashely's book "influence". don't judge me that i bought it becuase their book is amazing. )

a month ago? at central park/ chanel mobile exhibition which was pretty cool and avant garde. they had a wishing tree (by yoko ono) at the end and i made a wish.

lately, i haven't blogged. my life is completely incomplete right now. i haven't been out in ages, which is 180degree turn from where i was a few months ago..or i mean the past few years. i've been at school like it's my life (saturday & sunday). well it is i guess. but it's pretty fun. my collection is going nuts-o. my hair is also going nuts. i have one and half dread type lock in my hair which i can't seem to untangle no matter how much conditioner i use. i don't mind it, but i don't want things to live in it.

i'm going home tomorrow for my mum's birthday and thanksgiving-s!

which means i need to start packing.


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