18 October 2008

we're playing those mind games

oh, yoko

some overdue fotographs of some past few weekends.

a visiting friend just left the city a few hours ago. it's always emptier when someone leaves the house. feels like two fish that live together and one suddenly dies. did you know sometimes they die from lonliness?

speaking of dying, i visited the rick owens store for the first time today and i died.

well, this was my homework break. bella says ciao.



Matthew said...

That second picture with the ketchup/mustard bottles would be so great for like a we're-getting-married-save-the-date themed magnet thinger, yeah?

I've decided I love, love all your entries in their various forms; textual, visual (photo, illustration), etc.

I feel alive.

Good luck with school work, work work...

Chao Ren said...

Cool pics!

Do you live in California?

I'm from LA.