19 August 2008


rei kawakubo sucks for doing this. but you'll see me outside h&m when this comes out.



Julia said...

i so do love ur blog girl.
and ur honestly so pretty!

and i dont like that collection either. it sucks indeed.

Matthew said...

I should hit some H&M collab-stuff. I want some cheap boy gladiator sandals. Maybe in baby blue. I had some when I was younger (with a shaved head and bucked tooth). And I wore them with socks. To Niagara.

I like that it sounds similar to the blue pill, but it's spelled differently, yeah?

Eri, I totally asked you this before, but have you seen the Olivier interview where he talks about how he loves mermaids? I can't for the live of me find it again! I'm not making it up; it's true! And have you seen him naked for the mags? He's alright, no Yves. But yeah...

I want to enroll in a 3D modeling class. O, what the future may bring...


a dinosaur said...

the hot topic !
i only fancy the pants and will get em oi x