11 July 2008

don't do drugs

i've had way too many nightmares about my senior thesis already, is something wrong with me for obsessing over school? like, i imagine i will stumble on my words infront of panel, not being prepared, not being satisfied with my collection, oversleeping, etc etc etc. i've been trying to squeeze some creative juice out of my brain but i have the biggest art block right now.

haha, on the contrary, lately when i come home from intoxicating nights, i let all my creative juice onto my moleskin sketchbook and wake up surprised the next morning. plus i believe many of the best artworks were created while artists were intoxicated with something ... john and the beatles? warhol? rolling stones? ...marc jacobs? hahah no i'm just kidding. (i actually liked marc when he was chubby and pale).

i am actually not for it, or against people/artists doing drugs. it's probably most saddening because it's a health hazard .some what. but when people create beautiful things in their own little world, i think that's just fine as well. you know?


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Matthew said...

I know (I think).

But sometimes it's like the pieces that are beyond! I do wonder if drugs weren't a part of the experience whether they would still come about.

There has to be another way.

Depression, for one. Euphoria for others?