01 May 2008

i am craving sleep,

photo: ryan mcginley

health, & energy. & a one-way trip to neverland.
i've been up 3rd night in a row now and i'm beginning to see shadows in the corner move.

i have nothing else to say and no drawings to show.

in the meantime, check out the list of coverage our advisor sent us today of the senior's from our class.

WWD attached and through this link: http://www.wwd.com/issue/article/124559
The Daily: http://www.fashionweekdaily.com/parties/fullstory.sps?inewsid=550014
The Daily: http://blogs.fashionweekdaily.com/?p=3511#more-3511 and http://blogs.fashionweekdaily.com/?p=3527
WWD: attached and also http://www.wwd.com/issue/photospread/124534
Style.com: (party coverage to come tomorrow): http://www.style.com/trends/blogs/style_file/2008/04/photo-courtesy.htmland also http://www.style.com/trends/blogs/style_file/2008/04/the-verdict-is.html
Fashion Wire Daily: http://fashionwiredaily.com/first_word/fashion/article.weml?id=1944
Elle.com: http://fashion.elle.com/blog/2008/04/parsons-honors.html
New York: http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2008/04/tim_gunn_wants_nina_garcia_bac.htmland also http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2008/04/alexander_wang_and_diane_von_f_1.html



Cat Wong said...

HAHA Julie Gilhart is so funny. I think all of us were like O_O

Have you seen the DVF commercial for American Express? It's probably ten times funnier when you haven't slept for 3 days.

Matthew said...

Eri, I'm so sorry for your sleeplessness. Hope you're able to rest up and recoup soon. Seriously, restoration for your whole self...gold.