31 May 2008


there is a big balloon dog on top of the met. i wanted to ride it, but i didn't.

and then there was this big pink thing. it matched kevin's hair.

i moved again! i really loved the e.village...and i'm sad i had to leave there..but lower e.side is great also!! the place is huge. i have exposed bricks and i always wanted them because it looks old. and the wooden floor creaks. and i have high ceilings. and i have two windows. i have a big closet. john and yoko watch over me. my roomates are cool (thank God). 

this morning, i dont know, but somehow i made it to the airport after staying up all night for jon's going away party. 

i;m back in california and i feel like i;m in a movie on mute. it's so quiet here! i actually miss the chaotic city. but i really need a break. especially since it's been a streak of being wild children with my friends the past ...2.5 weeks. 


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Emily Malan said...

cupertino is good to chill and detox for a few days. but after that it's like, i'm ready to leave and be more productive. i'm home now because i got sick cuz of school. booooo.
have a nice summer eri :)