23 April 2008

the only thing i'm scared of is everything

you can't make everyone happy either.

-my two favorite senior collections are nominated for designer of the year. i'm so happy.

-coachella is this weekend. the line-up is grand. i'm missing a big party. i will be sewing. i'm sad.

-i can't produce good work these days.

-living solo is grand. but not good for lonely hearts.


1 comment:

Matthew said...

Eri, hope you aren't too alone at home. I think I live alone somewhat alright, but my sister didn't want to...so we're going to live together in the summer (instead of in separate apartments).

But I'll probably appreciate it more than her.

I'd keep you company but, really, I'd just ogle over your sewing and try to learn how you were doing everything.

Good luck! Finals coming up soon here...death.