18 April 2008

it's not my eyeshadow

(this girl was inspired by my friend david because he had a bruise on his eyebrow which was yellow, barely purple. she's bruised because she keeps seeing things she shouldn't be.)

remember when warhol said that one day everyone is going to be famous?
that is so now.

i don't know if i can keep up with anything anymore.
i'm not emo, ok.
i'm just tired of
people talking about people talking about people talking about people trying to be friends with people not trying to be friends with people that they talk about when they dont want to talk to them and people telling me things that never happen people making promises they never keep why do you have to say things i believe which i shouldnt

im not talking about high school.
im just talking about humans in general. i guess.


ps fashion politics are nasty


Tiff Chang said...

my love, i realized that my maximum links for that section was 8 and i didn't realized that it took you off!!! you'll always be top on in my list. HEHE <3<3

also, dont be emo. love you.

Matthew said...

I. (Internet)-love. You. End.

I'm too sleepy to respond better.

But I can see how politics is a messy no-no in any arena except, well, politics (and then some).

Illustrations make me feel so alive! Albeit, a different way than sleep...