01 April 2008

if i am a tree will you hug me

you can save lives, if you have $$$ to donate. if you do, please do.

zon and i went to that event- it was basically that. designers and such drinking champagne. i didn't even see the book. i remember that day i was running on no sleep for 50 hours, once again, and i ate a pret-a-manger sandwich. i managed to run down to meet zon at helmut and go back to chelsea for this thingy thing. and we stayed for one hour looking at people and left. we both agreed we should study style.com people's and parties more often.

i am feeling empty right now but i should by half full.



today i was awoken by a call from my good friend eddie that i am a finalist for the CFDA contest. trust- i worked so hard on it i almost died. i am really super excited because only five other kid's in my grade were chosen and maybe one of us will win the big prize.
here are a few pages from my collecion:

how do you like the faux-watermark i made? i am semi-paranoid of people stealing my artwork because i swear, "friends" do it too. and it will piss me off. anyway i had 30+ pages but there you go. marching band + dark romantiscsm story.

i am beginning to develop a direction for my senior thesis/ personal style.
it's dark. it's japan. it's london. it's street. it's cotton and knit. it's layers. it's 30% avant-garde. it's 100% wearable. it's stoner. it's classic rock. it's poems. it's black. it's 1% boheme vibe. it's 1% western. it's 1% native.

this post was way too much fashion for me.



Matthew said...

Eriii! I love it. I knew there had to be a reason why I was still awake. I needed this. I needed to see your illustrations. Congratulations! You should feel more than half...I'm super proud/excited for you! Haha, I'm glad I couldn't sleep. You're watermark's necessary, and it doesn't look shabby. You know what really got me? When you mentioned the 1% native. Mmm...

Kudos, yo, and to sleep I go (after the day today)...

Anonymous said...

Hi Eri! just have to say that your style, I mean in the way you draw, remainds me of a Finnish illustraitor named Laura Laine!
ps. you are pure AWESUMNESSS