06 April 2008

happy birthday emily

mid way thru the night eddie and i ran out of solas to buy emily a slice of mudcake from around the clock- totes spontaenous. then we ran to duane and reads, but it was closed so we ran two blocks to walgreens to buy candles. then we sang happy birthday but maybe she doesnt remember.

the room is on fire.
my two favorite filipinos.


jonathan has chola back up dancers 
lee and jonathan
the wrong way

mar and lee. 
jon wouldnt agree to anything i said
it's clip on.

when i came home yesterday night i admit i was a little tips and i started to write an entry but didn't post it. basically there are lots of great people at my school- everyone's on fire, you know what i mean? but i got a little sad with the fact some of us are just friends because we go to school together. 
but i thought
even if we aren't friends tomorrow 
we were today and it made me happy.


1 comment:

Matthew said...

I love those birthday candles! I saw some at the grocery store last night...they look much better in saturated photos.

You know I was actually thinking about friendship/relationship, etc. since I'll be done with school in about five weeks, and most of my friends will be leaving for home to California.

I guess it is true that you become close to people at times through proximity...

...but more is nice.