10 March 2008

usually i'm a blacksheep but today i decided to be like everyone else.

this is my friend elle. she is making this fantabulous skirt with many yards of tulle, but it also looks amazing as a mohawk. junya watanabe might like this.
remember that?

last week was so crazy i tell you- i slept probably around 8 hours total. we had the cfda contest due this week and i went ballistic. in the end i was super satisfied with it and i hope i win. but that might be unrealistic. it was also mar's birthday on the 5th and hannah's on the 6th. mar went home for the weekend but we celebrated hannah's on friday. i love this girl.

cathy's amazing cake. 

hannah and her boyfriend are the cutest. aww 
we met in 7th grade. then we were apart, half way around the world. then we reunited as old grumpy fashion students, and i still love her.

(photo credit to everybody's facebook)
hours later we flocked to kiss&fly but went home because there were saxophone music and it was weird to dance to. 
tomorrow is justice concert, but i'm not going. :( 
have you guys seen the 'dvno' music video? i swear to gooooodness  so-me is by far the most exciting thing happening in motiongraphics/music videos etc right now. uh-mazing. 

did you know i have spring break next week? yes...i do.


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